not another crash diet

I will be the first to say, I have tried every diet in the book. From taking a different kind of diet pill every couple months, to doing one of those body wraps that are supposed to make you lose inches immediately (well, that was a lie).

My freshmen year I lived on campus, and of course I had a meal plan. Although the food selection was not the best, the dessert selection always caught my eye. I tend to have a huge weakness for sweets and could basically eat dessert as a meal (it’s a problem). So of course the dreadful freshmen 15 came along with that, even though I went to the gym a couple times a week and tried to stay active, I was eating horribly and it really started to show.

Now believe me, I have never been tiny but I’ve also never been overweight, but I have spent most of my life always wanting to drop that extra 15-20 pounds. I would always tell myself I could just lose that little amount of weight then I would be satisfied, but it never happened. I would try to cut back for a couple days and completely deprive myself of everything I love (sweets and ice cream) and within a couple days I would find myself eating more than before I started “cutting back.”  It was a rigorous cycle. When I would diet, I would believe that only salads would make me lose that extra unwanted weight, but little did I know at the time there are so many healthy options that actually taste good.

Then sophomore year and junior year I ended up living on campus again, and once again it was required to have a meal plan. So when I didn’t have the time to make a healthy dinner at my dorm, I stopped by the dining hall for a quick bite to eat. So I have put on more weight on in these last 3 years of college and now that I have gotten to my senior year of college I knew something had to CHANGE!

Believe me I am far from my goal, but the point is, I have taken steps in the right direction that will pay off in the long run, rather than depriving myself of everything I love and failing at another crash diet.

To find a way to curve my ice cream addiction I found an alternative, because let’s be honest, I would never stick to this healthy lifestyle change without some form of ice cream. Now instead of eating all of my calories in ice cream, I make a smoothie that literally tastes like heaven and curves my ice cream cravings completely. (I will show that smoothie and give you the ingredients in my next post!)

I also used to do these diets and mess up one day by eating fast food or something and would beat myself up about it and completely quit the diet because I figured if I already messed up that early in the game then it wasn’t even worth it now. But the truth is, were human, were going to mess up, but the important thing is not to beat yourself up about it and to continue to stick to this healthy lifestyle.

In the last couple years I have realized that it is not about how quickly you lose the weight, but instead how you lose it and maintain that lifestyle. I have found other people that motivate me and followed their stories to help me as well.

It’s not always about finding that quick fix. Find a goal and stick with it, it may take your a year or it may take you 6 months, everyone is different and goes at a different pace.

Ladies if you don’t have a high metabolism, i’v got news for you, it probably won’t change with age, so it’s time to make yourself happy and start moving in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle.

Living healthy is a lifestyle change, not just a quick 30 day crash diet and I definitely had to learn this the hard way.

5 helpful tips to jump start your healthy lifestyle change: 

1) Drink A LOT of water and cut out soda & sweet tea as much as you can. (it’s EXTREMELY hard at first, trust me I know, but after the first week you stop craving it as much and it gets easier)

2) Cut out sweets but make sure to give yourself a reward day once a week. (NEVER deprive yourself completely or you will end up wanting more which will hurt you in the long run OR find an alternative to a dessert that is a healthier choice)

3) Start exercising in some way everyday. (i’m not saying an intense 2 hours in the gym, but some form of exercise for about 30 – 45 minutes a day)

4) Take the stairs. (so your class is on the 3rd floor, and the elevator sure does look nice, but take the stairs! It pays off in the long run!)

5) Drink light beer or Skinny girl wine. (those calories in alcohol add up pretty quickly without realizing it sometimes)

**Let me make it clear that I am not certified in any way, these are just some simple tips that have helped me start a healthy lifestyle and shed some weight and I hope they can help you. **

Throughout this blog, I will be giving you my personal tips that are helping me and showing you some of the things I do on a daily basis. I would love for you to stick with me and make the commitment right now to make the healthy lifestyle changes you have always wanted to, because I promise you in the end it will be well worth it. We will be doing this together, so you may not see results the first week, but give it a couple of weeks and you will start to see some good changes!

Click these 2 links below to find workouts that you can do anywhere, no gym needed! (let’s face it, we are all broke college students)