30 minutes a day keeps the pounds away

It is incredibly important to not excessively work out.

Keep it intense but around 30 minutes. It is also important not to work out every single day of the week. Give yourself a day off at least once a week, if not twice.

When I first started this lifestyle change I spend countless hours in the gym, and not focusing as much on my healthy eating thinking that if I worked out enough I could still continue my bad eating habits. But oh was I wrong, I over did it and got burnt out so I had to take it down to about 3 days a week in the gym.

I also got burnt out from doing the same thing in the gym everyday. I added barely any variety each day and started to get really bored with that routine.

So make sure to add variety because that will keep you on track to your goal weight loss.

Here are some examples of workouts that you can do anywhere at anytime, for just 30 mins.


Instead of going to the gym you could:

Go on a walk outside

Run stairs at a stadium

Play tennis

Do zumba/pilates/crossfit




This list could go on and on, but just do something active that gets your heart rate up and gets those calories burning.

But remember keep it short, sweet and worthwhile.

It’s important to remember, it’s not how fast you lose the weight, but how long you keep it off

Like I said in one of my other blog posts, losing weight is only 30% in the gym, the rest is in the kitchen.

Ladies, get those 30 mins of some kind of physical activity in everyday (while giving yourself at least one day off a week) and you will start to see quicker results.

**Stay tuned for next week where we will talk about detoxing your body and the importance it plays into losing weight.


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