Bloating be gone

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Every woman knows the feeling of being bloated. Let’s face it, women’s bodies are just designed to work differently than men’s bodies.

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A lot of women get discouraged when they are working towards losing weight because some days they feel more bloated than other days.

Especially when women are trying on their favorite pair of jeans, and one day they fit, and the next day they put on the same jeans and its like a wrestling match to just get them over their hips.

Every woman knows, every woman has been there.

But there are certain things you can do to cut back on the bloating.

Here are some simple tips and ideas:

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I have found one of the main reasons I used to always feel bloated was drinking soda. But since I stopped drinking soda, and switched to only water I feel less bloated overall.

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One of the main tips is DRINK MORE WATER.

It is so important to cut out soda or any other drinks that are high in sodium if you want to stop the bloating.

Also, cut out as much salt as needed.

Anything that has high sodium is always going to bloat your body.

So stay away from sodium, and hopefully you will cut back on the bloating.


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