Ever thought of using an app to lose weight? #MyFitnessPal

I have tried many different weight loss programs to keep me on track.

But the one app that I recently came across has been the best yet and is so easy to use.

It’s MyFitnessPal.

The key is to not cheat yourself.  Be honest in the amount of calories you eat per day.

The amount of calories you are given per day is based on your current weight. Then you are able to add the amount of pounds you want to lose per week, which mine is set on 1 to 2 a week.



You are able to log: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water and exercise.


Also, if you work out, you plug in the amount of time you worked out and what you did and subtract those calories from your total amount daily. So if I go over about 300 calories one day, I know to go to the gym that day and burn back off those 300 calories to maintain my daily calories.

Also under exercise you can go to either Cardio or strength and you can put in your daily exercise routine or you click on all exercises and it lists different exercises you can do, which is really helpful to me because half the time I have no idea what to do or get bored doing the same thing every day.



In your daily meal log, you are also given the amount of proteins, ect. you need daily and it is very helpful to make sure you are still getting the right amount of nutrition. You just enter them in from the food you eat and it adds them up for a grand total each day.


This is the best app I’ve found so far and if you are struggling counting your calories each day or knowing how much exercise you should get depending on your calories then this would be a great app for you to keep you going.

I’ve also heard from a lot of my friends that Weight Watchers another really great app, the only difference in MyFitnessPal is free and you have to sign up and pay for Weight Watchers, but it all comes down to preference because I’ve heard great things about both.

Here is a list of the top 6 weight loss apps that people are using on smart phones! If you not a fan of MyFitnessPal, maybe one of these will grab your attention.

Ladies, do not let the amount of calories you are given daily go to waste on junk food, be cautious to eat a lot of healthy food so you stick to those calories because if not you are probably going to fall of the band wagon.

Keep going ladies, YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOAL!

College is the perfect time in your life to make those changes you have always wanted to in your body and finally have that body you have always wanted.


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