Weight loss: 70% in the kitchen, 30% in the gym

Here are some tips for your grocery shopping and cooking for the week ahead to continue this college weight loss journey:

Being a broke college student, I always plan my meals for the week when I go shopping so that I can cook everything on Sunday night in advance for the week. If I don’t cook everything or buy enough groceries , I will usually find myself eating out more, so this may help you too. Healthier food always seems to cost a little more, and not stay fresh as long so I always try to buy myself weekly unless I freeze it so that I’m not as wasteful.

So on Sunday I cook a lot of chicken! You can cook whatever you meat you want but make sure it is very lean! I use this chicken in almost every meal for the rest of the week.

For this chicken, all you do is get whatever chicken breasts you desire, cover them with italian dressing and bake them for 30 mins on 400.


I am also a huge fan of French Style Green Beans! They are cheap and last me the whole week! All you do to cook them is poor them in a pot and let the boil for about 15 mins and add a little oil and a little pepper. As simple as that!


I eat green beans and shakes as snacks so that they are healthy and hold me over until my next meal!

Here is some classic quesadillas I cooked with the chicken I prepared at the beginning of the week! I want you to know it is okay to eat things like this sometimes as long as you control your portions! I will eat one quesadilla and then a whole bowl of green beans and some frozen fruit! Just make sure to keep all of your ingredients low fat.


The biggest tip to remember is never to let yourself stay hungry! You have to eat, just eat healthy! I always used to think if  I just skipped a couple meals then I would be better of and lose weight quicker, but actually the more the eat the quicker you lose weight as long as your control your portions and eat healthy!


This is a pie I make sometimes at the beginning of the week so that I always have an outlet to my sweet tooth if shakes just aren’t cutting it. All you need is a low calorie graham cracker pie crust and a low calorie pudding, I used cookie and cream and blend it with 2 cups of Almond Milk (unsweetened) and put it in the fridge to cool and you can eat on it all week.

These are just a few tips of things to keep in the fridge throughout the week to keep your college weight loss journey going!

Although you still can go out to eat every now and again just make sure to keep it healthy eating out too, and for each week you keep this up give yourself a little reward of something that you enjoy.

Here is a blog that I go to a lot to get some awesome healthy meal ideas! It has really helped me and I think you will enjoy it!

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 10.11.06 AM


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